12:03am – late night insight into how poorly we treat people coming out of jail…

Prisons for profit. 

We’ve heard stories about how our government has outsourced everything from parking meters to school lunches. 

But what we’re doing with homecomers (ex-offenders) is disgraceful. 

And the offenders (pun intended) are our own state and county governments. 

Did you know…we release people from county jails in large, medium and small towns in the middle of the night, “back on the streets…literally!”


The almighty dollar!  (NOT the health and well-being of our citizens…)

“One minute after midnight counts as a day so [county correctional facilities] get their money from the state. If they release in the middle of the night, they can possibly fill that bed again and get more money for another inmate. It’s all about cash flow my man.”

This is the second time friends have asked me to pick them on their release from an overnight stay in jail. 

But this is the same sad story, whether you’re in for a night or months at a time.  

When you’ve served your time, you’re booted out without any regard for safety, convenience, re-entry success, etc. 

Granted some may want to get out as soon as they can – so the option to leave at 12:03am should be an OPTION – but not a requirement. 

Individuals should have the option of staying in until “check-out time” of like 9:00am at he latest. 

These ARE citizens, so if it costs the government a couple extra dollars, isn’t that the role of government?!
Put yourself in the situation – if you got pulled over in some remote county in Indiana, and have to spend a night or two in county jail…would you want to be dumped on the street at midnight?  Or would you want another option?

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