My Brand

My original post on New Year’s Day has “percolated” into the following – my annual-ish personal Brand and Intentions.  Thank you to Scott Collins – friend and life coach, who taught me some new tools for living before he left us.  Your spirit lives on.  I think of you whenever I see the “eternal flame” candle at Broadway, and for that I’m grateful.  I still use a “Scott Collins Plan” template  regularly to coach the best out of life…

Todd Fuqua, Community Artivist, Connector, Reflector & storyteller

Living into visible, intentional, compassionate community thru conversations, meals & action

The building out of my “personal brand”

  • Baking – which is really about sharing generously with others; showing hospitality; eating meals together and building community
  • Tech Geek (digital photos, websites, social media, remixing) – which is really about creating or using tools to enhance but not dominate life and having fun
  • Travel – which is really about seeing more of our world and nature; connecting with people; and having fun… whenever possible with my soul mate, friends or family and on a motorcycle
  • Photography – which is really about telling stories; connecting with others through empathy and creativity; and building community 
  • Blogging – which is really about telling stories; connecting with others through empathy and creativity; and building community
  • Being with Loved Ones (my soul mate, family, friends & pets) – which is really about finding shelter and being home; naming, connecting & sharing one another’s gifts on a level playing field; and unconditional love 

My gifts that support my “personal brand”

Empathy. Creativity. Compassion. Integrity. Authenticity. Joy. Love.

The realization of my “personal brand”

C Todd Creations Photography
Photography + art

C Todd Dudeoir
Masculine(ish) photography + art

C Todd Be Now
inspiring each other to greater understanding, compassion, love, peace and truth

 2.021 intentions for taking action

“Be Mindful, Authentic & In Community”
Learn, Create & BE You!

  • Intentional community
  • Compassionate communication 
  • Social Justice & Community Health personal passion for recovery, harm reduction, mental health, LGBTQIA+ health, HIV wellness, sexual wellness, 

Plan to be spontaneous. Live in the present.
Choose the healthier option.
Listen. Observe. Ask questions.
Be comfortable with “
good enough” and “I don’t know.
Practice serenity.
Admit when wrong. Forgive first. Love always.
Stop being stingy!

Be Good-ish

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