Recovery is a true equalizer

It doesn’t matter where I’m from, what I do, how much money I make, what I look like…my story has more similarities than differences to yours, if that’s what I look for. My bottom is my bottom, no better or worse than yours. The common bond is if we find our bottom, we can find help. The physical aspects of our bottom are less relevant than the common spiritual and mental ties – the emptiness, the searching, the desperation.

The following links are a collection of pictures, videos, sharings, recordings, articles and music that represent a small part of my life story.

A. My Recovery Journey: ctrecoveryjourney


B. Learning to live in community with greater authenticy and intention


Just for today, I’m high on life – brimming with hope – knowing that if I were to die today, my life would be complete – I have made a difference – and people would come to my funeral…three things I have not always believed.

May we inspire each other to greater understanding, peace and health.


Creative Inspirations: Photography and Videography


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