Lifestyle Photographer here. Can I get your opinion on something please?

Do you have experience or information around IP (intellectual property) or rights ownership as it relates to artists, photographers, etc. and the work they create.

If so, I’m looking for input, thoughts, information. Rather than form my own opinion from a Google search alone, I want to hear how you might react on a personal level to being included in a “random” (public space) photograph!  Read on…

Lifestyle What?

Early in their dating phase my brother Jon and his wife Michelle sold all they had and travelled around the country, chasing the best powder they could find. They lived out of the back of a converted van or SUV of some sort. They took showers at the local campsites, YMCA or community shelters. They kept in touch via mail with a post office box at their former dwelling and public email at local libraries.

I used to call him a “ski bum.”

I now call him a “lifestyle skier.”

That shows a lot more respect to him for his life choices, passions and pursuits.

And, I am pretty confident none of his siblings (e.g. me or my sister) have had a two page newspaper article written about them (as well as a Guidepost magazine story based on a true story/near-death experience they were a part of on a wintery evening…)

Click on each thumbnail to read the article on two lifestyle skiers

Lifestyle Photographer

So this year, I’ve started my own sometimes nomadic journey from “photography bum” to “lifestyle photographer.”

This year, I’m launching one of two solo enterprises.  

CToddCreations ( focuses on my passion for photography and videography (visual story-telling).

Historically, I’ve developed an interest in unusual close-up or macro- composition, particularly of nature and architecture. As in my life intentions, I try to see the world through a different lens. I try to be open to what the universe is perhaps trying to teach me about nature – or man’s efforts to construct habitats and homes.

Looking forward, I want to shift my art in two directions.

First, I want to respect my love of untouched, natural photographs. But, I also want to experiment with other artistic and creation-oriented techniques (play more with the images)

Second, I want to experiment with several ideas for expanding my work to include people subjects and people portraits.

As I think about the people part, I see these falling into four categories:

1. Contracted service to shoot personal portrait(s) for one to several individuals, especially families. This could also include professional headshots, dudeoir, etc;

2. Contracted service to shoot candid photos for a private event, where my services are contracted by the host/organizer for publicity and marketing purposes;

3. Solo shoot with candid photos at a sponsored event (public or private), where photography / videography is not rightfully and lawfully prohibited;

4. Solo shoot with candid photos of others in public spaces, where photography / videography is not rightfully and lawfully prohibited (individuals could be known or unknown to the photographer)

Where I need your help / input…

Questions come to mind, for which I’d be grateful to hear your input / suggestions / experience.

  1. What (if any) copyright, intellectual property or other “rights of ownership” laws, ordinances, etc. exist at the local (Indianapolis), state (Indiana), or federal levels – related to the “artistic work” (photograph) which is being taken by a professional photographer for revenue-generating purposes?
    • Do any of these laws, etc. impact my four “categories,” but particularly the last two?
    • How is this different from a professional photojournalist working for the AP or a local newspaper?
  2. What professional norms might exist, regarding how to be considerate of the “public” who get captured in a photograph which is being taken by a professional photographer for revenue-generating purposes?
    • If only of people I don’t know…?
    • If includes people I know, are friends or acquaintances with?
    • A group is part of an informal social community – a group of people with similar interests who gather for recreation, play, sports, the arts etc.
    • How is this different from a person taking a picture and posting it on social media sites?

Please reply here with a COMMENT, or shoot me an email or find me on Facebook!




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I see life as full of possibilities and the world full of beautiful people possessing unique and often untapped talents. I’m a learner and connector, seeking ways to leverage the abundance in this world through strong community.

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