A Flying Cupcake, glass of water, curious neighbors…and request to “GO HOME!”

This was my final week of my Lenten protest of 111Cakery.  And “statistically” things were consistent with past weeks.  I’d say about 30-40% of people passing by showed some sign of support, about 10% voiced disagreement — usually, but not always civil — and about half the folks passing by were ambivalent.

But I felt good about my personal stand, because that’s what this was about.  And, I grew in my own personal beliefs and faith.

So a Flying Cupcake...thanks to Terry Woods for joining me this week for a while.  He brought be a cupcake from Flying Cupcake, finding that somewhat fitting.  So thanks Terry — for your friendship, support and  your sweetness!

A glass of water…Randy, the husband/co-owner, offered my a glass of water at one point.  He also came out to greet me at the beginning of my shift — we talked about family, vacation plans and the weather.  And, at the end of my “shift,” I stepped inside to thank him for his friendship and conversation — and congratulated him on his expectant grandchild…within days he said.  Wouldn’t that be a blessing if it arrived on Easter this year?  All this to say, Randy and I have had great conversation, civil discussion and respect for one another (I believe…).  We’ve prayed for each other…

We may have been praying for different things…as I would pray for open mindedness, and a shift in understanding.  And, if it takes a gay grandchild to bring that about, then I know that God can work in mysterious ways.  So, I pray that one of their grandchildren grow up gay or lesbian…so they find a different truth.

As Randy said, if this has brought either of us or any of us closer to God, then it’s all good.  And may it be so.

 But, Randy has proven that we can agree to disagree, and still be respectful and compassionate.  So thank you for that gift.

Curious neighbors...since I moved my picketing closer to the bakery and Penrod Arts Building, I got more reactions from neighbors…from curiosity to conversation.  One woman took a picture of me and Terry and posted it to Facebook.

There has been a LOT of honking on our street this afternoon!
There has been a LOT of honking on our street this afternoon!

Another woman simply stuck her head out the window, saw me…and said, kindly, “Ah, that’s what I figured.  I was just wondering what everyone was honking at!”

And a “GO HOME”…not from Randy or Trish, the owners.  (Though every time I entered the store, if Trish was at the counter, she seemed to find a reason to disappear into the back.)  But, someone coming from Talbott Street onto 16th Street yelled that at me.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could tell discrimination to “GO HOME.”  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could simply yell at the face of racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of prejudice and make them disappear?  Until then, we need the “voice of the minority” so speak up, bring awareness, and educate people about issues.

But, for now, I will “go home…”  Not because he asked me to…but because Lent is coming to a close.  I will be talking with high school students on Tuesday in State College, PA about my journey, as part of their “unit” on Civil Rights in their History class.  But, beyond that,  my personal journey, my personal stand has an endpoint.  So, I’ll take my signs and go home…and I’ll try to remember that LOVE does win out over hatred every time.

And whether 111Cakery continues to get “ample business from a more conservative clientele” will yet to be seen.  Would I be glad to see them go out of business in this location?  Of course.  But, if they continue to be successful and find a niche, then I wish them the best of luck.  May the best cupcake — and business policy — win.  Meanwhile, I’ll frequent The Flying Cupcake, or Kim’s Kate Kreations or other establishments that don’t discriminate with their icing…  

Equality for ALL!
Equality for ALL!


And, I’ll look for the day when I can influence laws such that 111Cakery is unable to refuse to provide service to a person based on race, color, religion, ancestry, age, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity…consistent with Indianapolis’ own ordinance…and consistent with Jesus’ teaching to love one another.

Final week of protest...HAPPY EASTER!
Final week of protest…HAPPY EASTER!

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