My Koala

What they got wrong in treatment

Being addicted to [insert my drug of choice] is like chasing a dragon. You’re constantly seeking that first high, but what’s gonna happen if you actually catch it?

Conventional wisdom, as described in “Chasing the Dragon” at

That’s a lie designed to keep me trapped in a cage.

On my good-ish days in long-term recovery, I feel joy, hope, freedom. On my better days, I’m 13 on a scale of naught to ten.

And that feeling trumps any high I ever chased.

Even that first high, dancing naked with B.S. in his fabulous loft condo in Raleigh N.C. I remember like it was yesterday.

I haven’t always believed that catch phrase from the rooms of recovery.
Or been able to feel anything close to that tbh.

Today, I do.

I chased my dragon, and found my koala bear.
She was inside all this time.

Hold on.

You’re not alone.

Thanks for listening,

Keep tellin’ the story.

The Right Reverend Lord Christopher Todd Peacock III
embracing the artivist buried in stone

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I see life as full of possibilities and the world full of beautiful people possessing unique and often untapped talents. I’m a learner and connector, seeking ways to leverage the abundance in this world through strong community.

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