Re-Entry and Early Recovery Resources in Indianapolis

I was recently approached by a friend who knew my story, and needed some information for a friend’s grandson about re-entry from incarceration and early recovery.  This is one of those times that “being open” about my story and past pays off – and strengthens my own recovery program.

I’ve been out of the direct realm of programs and organizations in this space since we shifted gears with Candlestick House.  I pulled together some details after confirming some contacts with friends who are closer to the action.  I thought I’d share it here…

Some of these resources are men-only, though most of them are gender-neutral 😉

Recovery Coaches

A Peer Recovery Coach is a person who provides support to individuals with alcohol and drug addiction issues. Recovery Coaching is the process of promoting ideas and actions that will give their clients the best chance for success in Recovery. This role has also been referred to as a Sober Coach, a Peer Recovery Specialist and Peer Recovery Support Specialist.

Sober Living Houses

Various options for a supportive living environment.  Usually a recommended step after detox/treatment.  Houses often have a leadtime/waitlist, so I’d contact them sooner than later.  All of these are good, solid houses with a long history in Indy.  No environment is perfect – so set that expectation.  But if the individual is willing, they are an important tool in early recovery.  

  • Talbot house
  • Progress house
  • Pathways – if dual diagnosed 
  • Salvation Army

Twelve Step Groups

NA or AA are available.  Some common recommendations:


Indianapolis has a “newer” movement around re-entry, where they are engaging people as they first enter jail/prison about coming out afterwards.  There is a video they share in-house, and there are resources / mentors to support people coming out.  

Contacts in this space:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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