Dead Poets Remember and Inspire

I came across another informative blog on depression and suicide, from a woman who lost her father, who suffered from depression and eventually took his own life.

“Until you’ve stared down that level of depression, until you’ve lost your soul to a sea of emptiness and darkness… you don’t get to make those judgments. You might not understand it, and you are certainly entitled to your own feelings, but making those judgments and spreading that kind of negativity won’t help the next person. In fact, it will only hurt others.”

“Friendship isn’t about saving lost souls; friendship is about listening and being present.”

She reminds us to not be afraid to talk about suicide…use the word and share stories to help dispel the fear and shame often surrounding the topic…

Love you S.H. Hang in there…

The Magical Storybook of Professor Peacock

The movie Dead Poet’s Society came out during the summer between my junior and senior years at University of Michigan.  Formative years for me and for the young men in the movie. Impressionable – oh so impressionable.  1989.

And for that reason alone, has always been a favorite of mine…if not all time favorite.  And, I found myself watching it again recently, of course…

I remember connecting with Robert Sean Leonard’s character for many reasons.  For my struggles with homosexuality within The Word of God Community and UCO; for my perceptions of my father, so desperately wanting his approval and acceptance (when ironically it was always there, just not as vocal then as I wanted…); for my past years as a thespian, wondering what am I doing here as an engineer?  Oh so many connections. And for the struggles with rejection, depression and thoughts of suicide. These were the…

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I see life as full of possibilities and the world full of beautiful people possessing unique and often untapped talents. I’m a learner and connector, seeking ways to leverage the abundance in this world through strong community.

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