Pausing to grieve

I’m learning to remain open to where the day, the spirit, my Higher Power may take me at any given moment. There were days when I was unemployed when I simply woke up and listened to where my heart led me – where doors opened during the day – where paths seemed to spring to life. It was the act of being open and aware that connected me with something greater than myself, bringing experiences, lessons or insights that shaped that moment.

During these past weeks, I’ve been guided to grieve one layer deeper. Combined with my fourth step work in one fellowship, I’m facing some of the deep fears, resentments, and losses that have darkened my spirit and contributed to the walls that surround my heart. I’m learning that people come into my life for a reason – sometimes for a brief moment. But often, they are here to teach me a lesson.

One such man entered my life in the Fall of last year. I was six months into being unemployed, coming out of a period of relapse on this road of recovery. He was making a major life transition, leaving a stable, comfortable career in human resources with a fortune 500 company to pursue a dream and passion to become a life coach, helping others in their own transitions and pursuits of authenticity. He was my life coach for several months, sharing his deep, personal approach to a principle-driven life. He also became a friend and confidant.

This past week, he found the wholeness we all seek in life as he transitioned from this imperfect life into the peaceful world beyond. And while there are reasons well beyond me why and when, I’ve also come to believe the timing and experience is here for me to learn and grow. I had three days of vacation planned, originally to visit my sister and her family on vacation in Virginia Beach. But, being on probation for 3 more weeks, it didn’t seem wise or worth the effort to get permission from the courts to travel. But, I kept the time off on the schedule. In the past week, it’s shaped into being three days of staycation, built around day trips in Indiana to visit places and people I’ve wanted to see. When we initially celebrated my friend’s life and lay leadership at my church yesterday, our pastor talked about the need to “pause and grieve.” So while I’ve been in a period of grieving for some weeks, and while I don’t believe my grieving will end on Wednesday, I’ve decided to focus these three days even more deeply on allowing myself to grieve while exploring destinations and sharing time with friends. I don’t know what that means or where that will take me. I know it’s not just about Scott, but about much more from my past.  I just have a sense to use this time and this timing as a gift — to remain open and allow myself to feel and explore whatever comes up.


So pause

and grieve

and move on with life.


For today – for right now – that seems to be where my Higher Power is leading me.

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I see life as full of possibilities and the world full of beautiful people possessing unique and often untapped talents. I’m a learner and connector, seeking ways to leverage the abundance in this world through strong community.

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